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Victor craves power therefore has to earn it. “Wealth was an inferior object, but what glory would attend the discovery, ifIcould banish disease from the human frame.” “An inferior object” this implies that Money to Victor is worthless, recognition means much more than money every will.The dream he has is creating the prospect of new life, the fact he wants to manipulate something as precious as life proves he is willing to stop at nothing to have the fame and the recognition that he thinks he deserves. “Mary Shelley has done this perhaps to prove a point, because in 1818 there were great changes in British society, and there was a significant change in science and technology so writing a book that contains what it does is going against society so she is like the Frankenstein of her era”. This could be a reflection of her life but as a powerful male. I believe that she wrote this book to satisfy her own cravings of power. (YORK NOTES PAGE 92BACKGROUND) He has gained theKnowledge he has from the intense research that he has developed over the years. “I had retrod the steps of knowledge along the paths of time.” This is an example that Victor will continue to better his knowledge to purse and better his achievements.


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