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In order to determine if the results of the study are significant, it is essential to also have a NULL HYPOTHESIS. To say that you are accepting the null hypothesis is to suggest that something is true simply because you did not find any evidence against it. This represents a logical fallacy that should be avoided in scientific research. conducting background research. What do researchers already know about your topic? What questions remain unanswered? You can learn previous research about on your topic by exploring books, journal articles, online databases, newspapers and websites devoted to your topic gain a better understanding of what you will encounter during your own experiment. a better basis for your own hypothesis. you might choose to alter your own hypothesis. why the topic merits further exploration. * explain why you chose to investigate your particular hypothesis and articulate bibliography of your sources. This information will be valuable when you begin to write up your experiment results.In order to arrive at legitimate conclusions, it is essential to compare apples to apples. Each participant in each group must receive the same treatment under the same conditions.


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