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Some might argue that there is no possible logical mechanism for Euthanasia to be deemed as the logical course of action. They state that people are sometimes wrong in viewing their best interest and its circumference side effects. This point of view states that there are always people who know better than others. This is somehow true! But where do you draw the line for such a general belief! Should I stop eating burgers for a better food expert believes that salads are healthier? Should one not go with what he truly believes in for fear that someone out there might know better?

Such train of thought existed in history; it paved the way for totalitarian thinking! “Many share the impression that those who die quickly of trauma or quietly in their sleep at a ripe old age have “good death”. Thus when we have it in our power to facilitate such “human good death,” we fail in our obligation to our fellow human beings when we do not do so” (Manning 1998).