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考虑到智利的教育现实和假设要求职业技术高中英语教学大纲,本研究探讨了中等职业学校目前的英语教学大纲的适用性,除了一个英语教学大纲建议职业学校的预设计,满足智利政府的要求。 为此,论文分为四章。第一章是文献综述,讨论CLT的问题和交际大纲设计,语境的描述和需求分析。在第二章中,介绍了本次调查的研究方法,分析了两个主要的研究过程。第三章对现行国家英语教学大纲进行分析,说明本大纲与职业教育课程的衔接。最后,在第四章中,一般考虑的教学大纲的设计将敏锐地检查,国家的结论,其在当前职业教育体系中的作用,以及它如何可以适应职业教育背景。


Considering the Chilean educational reality and the assumed requirement for an English Language Syllabus for Vocational Technical High Schools, this research investigates the suitability of the current English Language Syllabus in Vocational secondary schools, besides the pre-design of a English Syllabus Proposal for Vocational Schools, that fulfils the requirements of the Chilean government.For the above, the dissertation will be divided into four chapters. Chapter One will be devoted to the literature review, discussing issues in CLT and communicative syllabus design, the description of the context and needs’ analysis. In Chapter Two, the research method of this investigation will be introduced, analysing the two main research processes used for this purpose. In Chapter Three, the current National English Language Syllabus will be analysed, in order to state the connection between this Syllabus and the Vocational Education Curriculum. Finally, in chapter four, the general considerations for the design of a syllabus will be examined acutely, to state conclusions about its role in the current Vocational Education system and how it could be adapted for Vocational Education context.


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