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由于家教主要是一种“影子活动”,政府无法对导师所获得的收入进行任何控制。私人辅导的强度也各不相同。预计高收入国家的儿童会比低收入国家的儿童得到更多的学费。一般来说,在私人学费中给予更多关注的是那些最需要教育和社会经济发展的科目。例如,英语在国内使用的国家(Bray, 1999)对英语教学的需求很低。城市地区对学费的高需求通常是由于城市生活的竞争性。此外,城市社会的父母比农村社会的父母具有更高的教育背景,因此更富裕,能够负担得起学费。几乎每个国家都有不同形式的私人辅导。这当然是对学费的重要性的概述。虽然私人学费的影响是有争议的,但我们或许应该反思这种做法对我们年轻的大脑和未来社会的长期影响。


Since tutoring is mainly a ‘shadow activity’, the government cannot exert any control on the amount of revenue received by tutors. The intensity of private tutoring also varies. Children in high-income countries would be expected to receive more tuitions than those in lower-income countries. In general, the subjects given more attention in private tuitions are those which are the most needed for educational and socio-economic advancement. For instance, demand for english tuitions was low in countries where English is spoken at home (Bray, 1999). The higher demand for tuitions in urban regions is normally due to competitive nature of urban life. Also, parents in urban society have higher educational backgrounds than those in rural societies and are thus better off and can afford tuition fees.Private tutoring, in different forms, is practiced in almost every country. This certainly gives an overview of the importance attributed to tuitions. While the impacts of private tuitions are debatable, we should perhaps reflect on the lasting consequences of such practices on our young brains and future society.


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