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Like everything TAL also has some disadvantages. Let’s imagine a situation where a teacher is having trouble with technological devices and it might sometimes be embarrassing when a student tells him or her how to troubleshoot the problem in question. However, that doesn’t mean a teacher can turn away from using technology altogether. Instead, workshops should be arranged to bring such teachers into this new era of education by giving them the choice of what technology to use with their students. Given budget restraints, one hears more arguments in favor of traditional learning rather than use of technology in classrooms. The best solution to the financial problem is to allow students to bring in their own devices which mean that some students will have i-pads, pods, phones and laptops while others will have nothing. Technology, in this case, will likely serve to increase the gap between the rich and the poor and create a sense of deprivation. Sometimes students take it easy and become passive in the classroom or even don’t come in the class because they know that whatever will be taught will be uploaded and they can find the same or better resources then that shown in the class. In this way they stop learning content and go to learn technology instead. Technology loses its novelty over time as its extensive use might make the lecture dull for then it will become a routine. Extra efficient people can surely find something more to do but in this way a little less motivated students will be left far behind and thus a gap will be created. TAL can be of major disadvantage for backward area people in terms of communication gap. The extensive use of technology may cause to lose activeness and brain storming etc. Some were of the view that they even serve as distraction. Some teachers might rely on technology exclusively to make their job quicker and easier, but what one must remember is that a teacher’s job is never easy. As far as technology is concerned there is a very faint line between education and environment.


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