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几十年来,学校董事会负责人和学校教师都试图找出有助于学生的学业成绩和素质发展的具体因素。为了找到解决这一问题的方法,一些研究者和作者从自己的初步研究中采取了超时的方法来帮助学校管理者调查这个问题。尽管过去的几位研究者已经发表了关于这一主题的小说和期刊文章,但仍在进行新的案例研究来研究不同的变量,这些变量可能有助于提高学生的学习成绩。在最近的案例研究中,研究人员使用的发展研究和纵向分析,证明父母的学术参与对学生的学业成绩的显着影响。作家如Nancy Hill,James Griffith,和Gail Zellman之间的关系,试图说明学生的学业成绩、父母教育程度、父母的积极参与,在学校,与不同类型的家长的学术参与。例如,Nancy Hill和Lorraine Taylor推断,“父母的教育年限少了,可能会给学校带来更多负面的经历,以至于他们常常觉得没有能力去质疑老师或学校”(162)。虽然Hill和泰勒得出了这一结论,但其他作者对父母教育水平的看法和看法略有不同。因此,可以推断,家长的教育水平和参与程度可能是显着的学生的学术成果。


For decades, school board superintendents and school instructors have tried to pinpoint specific factors that contribute to student’s academic success and literacy development. In an effort to find a solution to this question, some researchers and writers have taken the timeout from their own preliminary research to help school administrators investigate this issue. Even though several researchers in the past have published novels and journal articles on this topic, new case studies are still being conducted to examine the different variables that may help improve student’s academic performance. In recent case studies, researchers have used developmental research and longitudinal analysis to demonstrate the significant impact that parental academic involvement has on student’s academic achievement. Writers such as Nancy Hill, James Griffith, and Gail Zellman try to illustrate the relationship between student’s academic performance and parents’ level of education, parents’ active participation at school, and different types of parental academic involvement. For example, Nancy Hill and Lorraine Taylor deduced that “parents’ with fewer years of education, potentially harbor more negative experiences with schools, that they often feel ill equipped to question the teacher or school” (162). Although, Hill and Taylor make this conclusion, other authors have slightly different opinions and perceptions on parents’ level of education. Thus it can be inferred that parents’ level of education and level of participation may be significant to a student’s academic outcome.


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