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反思被视为一种信息处理策略,它不仅为个人创造了心理网络的机会,而且还发展了更复杂的相互联系和专家思想家的思维深度”(巴内特,1995)。反思和经验的过程被描述为经验学习理论的核心。根据诺斯等人,(新闻)反射是为了开发新的理解和扩展自己的知识经验的教练的自觉检查 反射的定义是“[一]有持续和小心任何信仰应该在的理由支持它的知识形式的考虑,以及进一步的结论,它往往”(杜威,1910)。反思已被提议作为一种策略,可以帮助教练探索他们的决定和经验,从而提高自己的理解和管理自己和他们的做法(乔林等人,2004)。鼓励从业者反思实践是思想创造良好的实践探索的机会,对改进和思想的配方变化区域的识别(Knowles et al.,2001,p. 187)。反射被认为是将专业知识和实践应用于有意识的工艺知识之间的联系


“Reflection is viewed as an information-processing strategy which not only provides opportunities for individuals to create mental networks, but also to develop more complex interconnections and depth of thinking characteristic of expert thinkers” (Barnett, 1995). The process of reflection in and on experience has been described as central to experience-based learning theories . According to Knowles et al., (in press) reflection refers to the coach’s conscious examination of experiences in an attempt to develop new understanding and expand their knowledgeReflection is defined as the ‘[a]ctive, persistent and careful consideration of any belief supposed to form of knowledge in the light of the grounds that support it, and the further conclusions which it tends’ (Dewey, 1910). Reflection has been proposed as a strategy that could help coaches explore their decisions and experiences thereby increasing their understanding and management of themselves and their practice (Anderson et al., 2004). ‘Encouraging practitioners to reflect upon practice is thought to create the opportunity for the exploration of good practice, the identification of areas for improvement and the formulation of ideas for change’ (Knowles et al., 2001, p. 187). Reflection is thought to create a link between the application of professional knowledge and practice into conscious craft knowledge


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