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的描述设计研究计划将有助于提供一个深入分析通过有效地分析个体反应的情况。它也将有助于使研究过程快速、准确(Bynner & Stribley 2010)。与此同时,它带来平滑的信息收集和分析,因为它有效地回答这样的问题。在大多数情况下,它已经看到,由于缺乏有效的研究设计人员无法找到相关问题的答案。描述性研究设计将有助于发现当前用户的咖啡以及帮助分析产品的未来需求。设计是最耗时的阶段,它需要小心了。设计将帮助研究人员准备的有效问卷研究过程(麦克斯韦2005)。此问卷将帮助研究者找到合适的市场,产品和价格。任何研究成功的过程中,重要的是要选择合适的受访者,最大化实现一个有效的结果的机会。数据收集是最重要的一个阶段一个营销研究过程。不同的活动,如在线数据收集和问卷调查,将用于回答问题有效。(Zundel & Vignali 2003)。以下是一些数据可以收集的方法。


The descriptive design of the research plan will help to provide an in-depth analysis of the situation through effectively analysing individual responses. It will also help to make the research process fast and accurate (Bynner & Stribley 2010). At the same time, it brings smoothness to the information gathering and analysis as it answers the case problems effectively. In most cases, it has been seen that due to lack of effective research design the researcher is not able to find relevant answers to problems. The descriptive research design will help to find current users of coffee as well as help to analyse the future demand of the product.As the design is the most time-consuming stage, it needs to be developed carefully. The design will help the researcher to prepare an effective questionnaire for the research process (Maxwell 2005). This questionnaire will help the researcher to find appropriate market, product line and price. For the success of any research process, it is important to choose appropriate respondents, to maximise the chance of achieving a valid outcome.Data collection is one of the most important stages in a marketing research process. Different activities, such as data gathering online and questionnaires, will be used to answer the case problems effectively. (Zundel & Vignali 2003). Following are some of the ways through which data can be collected.


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