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When Christmas passed we started to get our business plan ready for handing in on the 6th February 2010. I noticed that none of our group was attending the lectures as they were busy with coursework’s and other modules. We met with Andy and talked things through and what we have so far. It was noticed that we were very far behind through the module also Andy tried to arrange a new mentor for our group. If I was in control I would have got the entire group together and divided the parts that needed doing together equally.However as our group was in this meeting with Andy only three of us were present, two were on their way and one couldn’t make it. In this meeting the sections weren’t divided equally and when asked who would like to do certain parts some of the group members weren’t at all interested. It finally came to the conclusion that everyone had something to do except one member who had no task but to help other members get there tasks done. This member was a handy person who didn’t get involved at all when asked for their help. Finally, the group held another meeting to ask this member for help to finish the tasks off and hand in our business report. We met our new mentor she was called ‘Debbie’ she helped us understand and know what was to be put into a business report.


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