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我选择了一个旅游管理行业的事业,因为它会给我一个旅行的机会。在我退休之前,我想去世界上许多国家旅行。我想探索新的旅游区,我会尝试着让人去那里。自从我出生以来,我就处在我通常的环境中,现在是时候去恢复不同的地方了。 无论你的梦想是什么,你都必须愿意从底线做起。你必须知道你要从一开始就学会一切。当我们看到这些成功人士时,你会发现他们是我们中的一员。生活中有许多位置,你可以选择任何你喜欢的东西。每个人都有不同类型的技能,我相信我们可以提高我们的任何技能,因为我们想要。生活是不容易的,没有尝试我们什么都不做。一旦你获得了一定的学位,没有人愿意像鱼一样不再呆在海里了。我对努力工作的承诺,在每一个地方,我将工作,即使它是一个小的不同。我将继续学习如何提高自己,我会努力做的更好的人。我相信我的个性和我的技能会带给我永远。


I’ve chosen a career in tourism management business, because it is going to give me a chance to travel a lot. Before I retire, I want to travel lots of countries in the world. I want to discover new touristic areas and I will try to making people to go there. I’ve been in my usual environment since I was born and it is time for me to recover different places.Whatever is your dream, you must be willing to start from bottom line. You must know that you are going to learn everything from the very beginning. When we look at all these successful people, as you can see that they were from one of us. There are many positions in life that you can chose whatever you like inside of them. Everyone has different type of skills and I believe we can improve our any skills as we want. Life is not easy and without trying we do nothing. Once you get your certain degree, no one wants to stay aside like a fish that not in the sea anymore. My commitment to hard work and make a different in every place that I am going to work even if it is a small one. I will keep learning how to improve myself, and I will try to be always better person. I believe my personality and my skills are going to bring me always up.


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