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对于我的选择项目,研究者使用混合方法设计,这是显而易见的,他们的研究设计,主要研究是一个问卷调查,这是用于它的效率获得相关和准确的信息从受访者。和一个次要研究是乐购的在线购物服务的个人评价。网站的评估检查功能以及如何这可能参与客户忠诚度和保留。我相信这是一个适当的方法提出的研究问题。它允许从参与者中提取相关信息,不如接受采访时耗费时间。这个项目在我的观察,我相信更相关的应用调查如果是给那些类别,购买超市购物,在30 – 50岁,目前在传统杂货店找到他们的意见在网上购物将如何影响他们,如果他们将显示对一个特定的品牌忠诚。我相信这也会支持研究人员现有的调查主要是由男性朴茨茅斯大学的学生。我认为研究的结果是可信的,因为正确的问题被要求参与者,从典型的年龄组,将最有可能在网上购物。不过话虽如此,我仍然相信这将是一个更引人注目的项目给出的读者双方的论点。


For my chosen project, the researcher used a mixed approach design, this is evident in their research design, their primary research was a questionnaire, this was used for it efficiency in obtaining relevant and precise information from the respondents. And a secondary research was a personal evaluation of Tesco’s online grocery shopping service. The evaluation examined features of the website and how this could play a part in customer loyalty and retention.I believe that this was an appropriate method for the research question that was posed. It allowed relevant information to be extracted from participants and was less time consuming than an interview. In my observation of this project, I believe that the application of the survey would have been more relevant if it was to be given to those in the category that would buy grocery shopping, those in the age of 30 – 50, who currently shop at traditional grocery stores to find out their opinion on how online grocery shopping will affect them, and if they will show loyalty to a specific brand. I believe this would have also supported the researcher’s existing survey which was taken by mainly male students at the University of Portsmouth. I would consider the results obtained by the researcher as credible, because the right questions were asked to participants, from the typical age group that would be most likely to shop online. However with that being said, I still believe that this would have been a much more compelling project had the reader given both sides of the argument.


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