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根据南希·希尔和洛林泰勒父母学术参与减少学生进入初中,因为父母可能会觉得他们不能帮助孩子更高级和复杂的作业问题,因为孩子们想要更多的独立。他们指出另一个方面是,家长学校参与减少因为父母工作有更少的时间积极参与学校活动,由于繁忙的工作计划以及其他困境。此外,丽娜哈罗德和Jacquelynne艾克尔斯强调,家长学校参与减少随着孩子年龄的增长,因为初中不促进家长参与学术。山相比,泰勒,哈罗德·艾克尔斯明确保证父母的支持减少学生搬到更高的年级,蒂莫西·基斯和帕特里夏·b·基斯金伯利J。怪癖,乔迪- Sperduto,斯蒂芬妮·桑提洛和史黛西杀戮确认家长积极参与孩子的早期教育发展将继续参与在整个学术生涯。事实上,父母的支持和鼓励他们的孩子在他们的教育发展可以影响他们的孩子继续追求更高的教育。在大多数情况下,研究人员建议,作为学生学业进步,学生的父母要么寻找方法来帮助他们与他们的家庭作业或停止参与他们的教育发展。父母的观念也可以导致多少方差家长参与学校有关活动。在作者的研究是,他们没有没有状态是否道德和文化背景会影响父母的在学校积极参与。


According to Nancy Hill and Lorraine Taylor parental academic involvement decreases as students proceed to junior high school because parents may feel that they cannot help their children with more advanced and intricate homework problems and because their children want more independence. Another aspect they pointed out was that parental school involvement decreased because parents that are employed have less time to actively participate in school events due to their hectic work schedules and other predicaments. Furthermore, Rena Harold and Jacquelynne Eccles stress that parental school involvement decreases as children get older, because junior high schools do not promote parent academic involvement. In contrast to Hill, Taylor, Harold, and Eccles definite assurance that parental support decreases as student move to higher grade levels, Timothy Keith as well as Patricia B. Keith, Kimberly J.Quirk, Jodi Sperduto, Stephanie Santillo, and Stacy Killings confirm that parents who are actively involved in their children’s early educational development will continue to be involved throughout their academic career. In fact, parents who support and motivate their children throughout their educational development can influence their child to continue to pursue higher education.For the most part, the researchers suggested that as student progress academically that the student’s parents will either look for ways to help them with their schoolwork or stop participating in their educational development. Also parents’ perception can cause a variance in how much parents participate in school related activities. A gap in the authors’ research is that they didn’t not state whether or not ethic and cultural backgrounds has an effect on parents’ active participation at school.


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