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最后,我想认识到她是一个成功的人,她实现了她计划的所有目标,给人们的生活留下了积极的印象。我将不得不尽我所能得到认可,我愿意尽我所能来达到这一点。我用积极的态度和热情去对待生活中的一切。我坚信我将是一个成功的人在我的整个生命。我想让我的梦想成真我的学位,LSC。我的目标是开始我的职业生涯之前,我得到我的学位,我相信这将使我更成功。我知道我所有的讲师从我的大学准备我有一个好的生活。 我主修工商管理,但我也获得了土耳其旅游管理学位。我的计划是说服我从事旅游业。我的学位是由LSC会给我很多机会让旅游业务的差异。在我学习的第三个学期之后,我打算去饭店申请工作。我想从第一步开始我的事业。我想通过学习我的学科来提高我的技能。我愿意做任何事情,我想成为。我还想通过攻读工商管理硕士学位来完成学业。我也想提高我在金融行业的技能,所以我可以在任何部门的任何酒店工作。我所有的职业目标都没有地域或薪水。我愿意搬迁到任何地方,为了获得成功,获得我的知识。


At the end of the way, I want to be recognizing as a successful person who achieved all the goals she planned and left a positive impression in people’s lives. I will have to work as hard as I can to get that recognition and I am willing to do what it takes to get that point. I approach everything in life with positive attitude and lots of enthusiasm. I strongly believe that I will be a successful person in my whole life. I want to start making my dreams come true with my degree from LSC. My goals is start to my career before I get my degree, I believe that will make me more successful. I know all of my lecturers from my college is going to prepare me to have a good life.I am majoring in Business Administration but I also got my degree in Tourism Management in Turkey. My plan is persuade my career in Tourism. My degree which is from LSC is going to give me a lot of chance to make a difference in tourism business. After third semester of my study, I am going to apply for jobs in hotel. I want to start my career from the very first step. I want to improve my skills by learning about my subject. I am willing to do everything to be where I want to be. I also want to complete my studying by getting my MBA degree in Business. I also want to improve my skills in finance sector, so I can work in any department in any hotel. My all career goals have no geographic or salary. I am willing to relocate anywhere in order to achieve success and gain my knowledge.


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