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在参与观察的一所小学,我知道当老师是复杂的,他们需要的是灵活适应不同情况的能力。教师应该有能力识别处于困境中的学生,当一些学生需要视觉教具或演示。教学的复杂性包括能够适应各种学生的能力和能力,以促进不同类型的学习者有复杂的老师,如在该地区的社会经济问题,例如贫困。在我的观察中,这一点并不明显,但老师让我意识到这种情况下敏感性的重要性。还有一些复杂的老师,例如教师和学生之间的语言障碍(小,G 2009)。这已经变得越来越普遍,近年来由于增加人们搬家换工作等而在我的观察,我发现老师已经用很简单的英语来解释一个概念,一个孩子的英语不是他的第一语言,只有几句话。学习的过程是复杂的,明显的我在我的观察。这些都是老师白天给我解释的,而不是所有的这些都是在那天出现的,我意识到它们是很重要的。学生学习中的一些困难可能包括课堂上教师无法促进的学习风格。许多学生学习使用音频或视觉,动觉的方法(科恩,2004),或这些方法的组合,它可以为学生学习很困难,除非这些需求得到满足。


After partaking in observations in a primary school, I have learned that being a teacher is complex, they need to be versatile to have the skills to adapt to different situations. Teachers should have the capacity to identify students that are struggling and when some students need visual aids or demonstrations. The complexities of teaching include being able to adapt to a variety of student abilities and the ability to facilitate different types of learners.There are complexities in being a teacher such as socio-economic issues in the area for instance poverty. This was not evident to me during my observation but the teacher made me aware of the importance of sensitivity in such cases. There are other intricacies in being a teacher for example a language barrier between teachers and students (Petty, G 2009). This has become more prevalent in the recent years due to an increase in people moving for work etc. While on my observation I noticed that the teacher had to use very simple English to explain a concept to a child as English was not his first language and only had few words.The learning process can be complex which became clear to me during my observations. These were explained to me by the teacher during the day and while not all these were present on the day, it was important for me to be aware of them. Some difficulties in learning for students could include learning styles not being facilitated by teachers in the classroom. As many students learn using visual, audio or kinaesthetic methods (Cohen, 2004), or a combination of these methods, it can be difficult for students to learn unless some of these needs are met.


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