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In the 1800s there was a high discontent because of the great depression in that era. Mary Shelley went against society to produce a novel that would make humanity question the power behind god. The full title for her novel includes The Modern Prometheus showing Shelley was clearly influenced and took her influence from earlier literature. Prometheus was said to be the wisest of all Titans who stole fire from the gods, so Mary Shelley has taken this aspect of Prometheus and used it within Frankenstein to add to her gothic style of writing. She has done this to replicate Victor as the incarnation of Prometheus. Like Prometheus, Victor is fascinated with electricity and lightening and this links with the ‘birth’ of the monster. “I might infuse a spark of being into this lifeless thing that lay at my feet.” The indication that ‘infusing’ electricity into a ‘lifeless’ object is just inhumane; although the body is ‘lifeless’ the overall thought is repulsive and wrong. This is because it is morally wrong and against the true nature of god as he is the only one who can create life. Using the force of the electricity to power a dead body seems impossible, but this just shows that Victor’s work is pushed past the breaking point because he wants to excel at what he does.


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