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Currently, schools are an important parts of our lives because there we learn how to front any problem that we could have, and also we learn many skills that help us to develop in the future. But what is wrong with schools nowadays? the problem is that they are killing the creativity and innovation by obligating us to think in the way that they want. The recently model of system education have one purposed, and it is to became students in university professors. They have in mind that if you made less mistakes, you will be a perfect person. So this means, education system just are focused in science subjects such as math, chemistry and physics, and this is a big problem because each person believe that you will be successful if you have lot of science degrees. But no one knows that they could be better if they develop creativity and the capacity of innovate (Robbinson, 2006). Of course we can develop creativity in schools by increasing hours of extracurricular classes because in that classes we learn how to be an artist, and when you said artist everyone thinks in creativity.Scientists says that every person in the world develop the 80% of their brain when they are in the childhood, so what they need? They need classes about science, but they also need extracurricular classes like music or dance because in that classes they will express their creativity in an easily way. For example, a little girl called Gillian was accused that she has a learning disorder because she can´t get focus while she was receiving classes. So her mom took her to the doctor because she was worried, but the doctor was talking with Gillian alone, and while they were talking Gillian was dancing, So he understand that she didn’t have any disorder learning. Then he goes to Gillian’s mom and he said that Gillian doesn´t have problem, he explain that her daughter is a dancer, she needs to move to think. After, Gillian´s mom understand that her daughter need to go to learn dance and finally Gilliam became in a professional choreographer and she made important works such as “Cats” and ” Phantom of the Opera” (Robbinson, 2006). In a brief, people lost their creativity because in schools they just learn mechanically and they don´t learn how to develop their ideas or how to express their opinions.


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