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To develop my effective communication skills, firstly I must become a good listener. I believe listening is one of the crucial points to develop effective communication. Listening let me understand more about what speakers try to convey and make the communication more smoothly. Then nonverbal communication also can enhance effective communication. Nonverbal communication is wordless communication, or body language which includes facial expressions, body movement and gestures, eye contact, posture, the tone of voice, and even muscle tension and breathing. It can help me to connect with others easily, express what I really mean, and build better relationships with my colleagues. After that, I need to have good stress managing skills to enhance effective communication. Sometime, little doses of stress can make me work more effectively, but if having stress constantly or even overdose, it will become barrier of effective communication. Sometimes, stress will disrupt my thinking and emotion. Therefore I must learn how to relief stress immediately, for examples having a short break or tell a joke to my colleagues. Finally, emotional awareness is very important in effective communication. Emotions play a main role in the way we communicate with each others. The way of my reaction to emotionally-driven, nonverbal cues will affects both ways of how I understand other people and how they understand me. Emotional awareness provides me the tools for understanding both myself and other people, and the real messages they are communicating to me.


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