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一个伟大的,强有力的管理实践,在任何地方使用的工作将是五个职能:规划,领导,组织,人员配置和控制(蕾莉,2011)。一个利润丰厚的工作场所需要有一个令人难以置信的工作人员来帮助它取得进展。一个非凡的开拓者(经理)将保证工人被组织起来,接受安排、领导、人员配置和控制,以实现组织的目标。在银行业工作是极端的,所以在工作场所应用这五种能力是正当的。要想成功,管理需要了解五种能力,以及如何将它们落实到工作场所。当五种能力中的每一种都被认为是重要的,并作为协作连接到企业中时,成功将是可及的。在当前的货币危机中。我工作的公司,威尔斯法戈,继续是一个别人试图复制的组织。在他们的网站上,首席执行官John G. Stumpfv指出,“我们在美国的一个最大的预算机构。我们有一个重要的普遍存在。我们是世界40大雇主之一,也是美国第十二大私营企业经理,共有275000名同事。


A great, powerful management practice to use in any place of work is would be the five functions: planning, leading, organizing, staffing, and controlling (Reilly, 2011). A lucrative workplace need to have an incredible staff working to help it make headway. An extraordinary pioneer (manager) will guarantee that workers are organized, educated of the arranging, heading, staffing, and controlling to achieve the objectives of the organization. Working in the banking business is extreme so applying the five-capacities in the workplace will work when it is connected legitimately. To be successful management needs to know the five capacities, and how to execute them into the workplace. Success will be reachable and achievable when every one of the five capacities are considered important and connected into the business as collaboration. In the midst of the current monetary crisis. Wells Fargo, the company on which I work, continues to be an organization that others seek to copy. On their website, Chief Executive Officer John G. Stumpfv states, “We’re one of America’s largest budgetary institutions. We have a significant universal presence. We’re one of the world’s 40 largest employers and America’s twelfth largest private manager, with 275,000 colleagues”.


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