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南迪砖房(1990)认为,科学教师是一致的在他们的信仰,对科学本质有信心在他们的方法,课堂教学,实际上,他们的信仰系统是在确定如何教的重要因素。其他研究(Lederman 1992)具有大致相同的结果。戈特和达根(2003)提到“如何科学作品,包括规划和实施的调查实践和探究能力,考虑数据、证据和理论和科学知识的开发和验证,也注重对证据的使用和判断。在社会中,有一些人对科学企业如何运作没有基本的认识。这种缺乏理解是潜在有害的社会中,公民有一个声音,在科学的资金决策,评估政策问题和权衡科学证据提供的法律程序。 Hollon、罗斯和乔林(1991)补充说,科学教师必须提高认识,使他们做出决策的两种类型-课程决策和教学决策。为什么我们需要学习科学.


Nandy Brickhouse (1990) suggested that science teachers who are consistent in their beliefs about the nature of science are confident in their approaches to classroom instructions and that, in effect, their belief systems are important factors in determining how they teach. Most other research (Lederman 1992) has broadly similar findings. Gott and Duggan (2003) mentioned that ‘How Science Works’ includes practical and inquiry skills for planning and carrying out investigations, a consideration of data, evidence and theories and how scientific knowledge is developed and validated, also it focused towards the use of evidence and making judgements. In the society there are some individuals who do not have basic understanding on how the scientific enterprise works. This lack of understanding is potentially harmful in societies where citizens have a voice in science funding decisions, evaluating policy matters and weighing scientific evidence provided in legal proceedings.Hollon, Roth and Anderson (1991) added that science teachers must develop knowledge that enables them to make two types of decisions -curricular decisions and instructional decisions. Why we need to learn science


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