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Anholt S (1998) believes that the country of origin is not as important as the perceived country of origin. Well what does that exactly mean? Here are a few examples. “Perfitti” a well established confectionary company in Italy makes a successful chewing gum brand known as “Brooklyn”. The packaging has the picture of the Brooklyn Bridge on it and is made in Turin. The reason to do this was the fact, when Brooklyn Chewing gum was launched; chewing gum was being imported from the United States. Initially Chewing gum in Italy was called “Gomma Americana”, and some still call it that. In such an environment a local brand with another name would have taken much longer to gain recognition. The British are not known for manufacturers of consumer electronics, thus when Dixons UK decided to launch a consumer electronics brand in 1982, they named it SAISHO, a Japanese name, because they rightly believed that a British brand would not be accepted in the market so easily. Some believe that a “Nashua” a laser/Fax company based in the United States owes its success to its name that sounds Japanese. Although, in reality “Nashua” is the name of the town where the company’s office is located.  Sometimes the Provenance of a brand can change along with its ownership. Such is the case with Winnie-the-Pooh, Marry Poppins and Alice in wonderland. They used to be known as British by the children around the world but now everyone thinks of them as American (Anholt S, 1998).


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