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In SWOT Analysis, weaknesses are controllable, and are considered the qualities that inhibit a firm from accomplishing its desired mission. Weaknesses tend to bring down influences on the success and growth of a firm. In purified water products, the prices of the products are fixed. When the products are fixed, there are no discounts for the customers. This weakness if not looked into; it can reduce the number of customers for the firm (Arkebauer & Miller, 1999).

In the distribution of the products, the firm does personal selling of large amount of products. This weakness can bring about huge losses to the firm. In order to control this particular weakness, the firm should make some business connections with offices, and educational institutes in selling their purified water products so that people may be aware of different qualities of products the firm offers (Kumar, 2004). Variety of substitutes such as bottled water is another weakness of purified water products. The firm should do away with some of the substitutes so that it can stand a chance in the highly competitive market.