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Each and every one of the student pays 100% attention. TAL increases the interest in learning by creating an environment which is both innovative and creative and engages the student more fully. TAL makes one forget the chalk dust, the textbooks and make them a thing of the past. TAL is bliss for all those who want permanent and up to date knowledge. The use of TAL has introduced the concept of self education. When students find a term they are interested in they would simply research it and discus whatever they have found with their classmates. TAL also has an upper hand due to its diverse material. It sure is a fun way to get your students to review important material. It is certainly an advantage for all those who want to gain extra. It also saves the student and teacher from the hassle of carrying books and notes to and from the classroom. TAL expands whatever the course offers. When the same material is taught for awhile the student and even the teacher himself might find it less than exciting. A quick internet search might help you identify ways to supplement your lessons with interesting new material such as photographs, sound clips, video clips, which can more than bring your lessons to life. Hence the use of technology allows teachers to diversify their lectures, display more information, and enhance learner’s learning. All student related info such as grades, attendance, progress reports etc can be uploaded which will make it possible to access it from any computer and hence make it easier for students and parents to track the student’s progress. Technology helps us in training our students in such a way that they master the 4Cs which are creativity, collaboration, communication and critical-thinking. TAL creates a sense of independent learning and help students in experiencing real life situations in the comfortable surroundings.


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