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Challenging behaviour can be thought of as being a conflict between a child and the environment according to Loreman (2005). Loreman explains that these conflicts can occur when a child responds to his or her educational environment in ways that differ significantly from age-appropriate expectations and interfere with his or her own learning. This definition appears to suggest, however, that these conflicts are due to an inherent fault within the child that necessitates the removal of that child from a mainstream school. A more reasonable explanation is that these conflicts occur not only because of the child, but also due to the reaction of the professional or service in response to their behaviour, and it is this reaction, therefore, that determines whether the behaviour is challenging of not. (Clark, and Griffiths 2008). This suggests that there is a fundamental need that the service or member of staff, should possess a particular level of ability to enable them to understand and recognise the needs of the child, and it is this ability, therefore, that would determine whether the behaviour of the child was actually ‘challenging’ or not.


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