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科学的性质提供了一个机会,让学校里的年轻人不仅在现在,而且通过观察过去科学思想的发展以及他们如何影响我们的思维,从而进一步发展科学世界。科学的本质提高了对科学内容的学习,扩大了对科学的理解,对科学的兴趣和科学知识的本质,提高了决策的知识。 自然科学的见解是说是科学素养的重要组成部分(Abd El khalick和莱德曼,2000)。此外,司机,LEACH,米勒,和史葛(1996)提供为什么NOS的适当的知识的发展是必不可少的科学教育的一些观点。NOS的知识是必要的为了更好地理解科学和管理技术在日常生活中的应用,分析知情决策的科学问题,欣赏科学的道德承诺的科学规范的影响当代文化的一部分,识别增加需求理解及最后它声称它有利于创造一个更好的科学学科学习。同样,莱德利奇和司机(1999)表示,适当的了解科学知识的性质影响学生的科学概念的发展,并导致更明智的学生决定与科学,社会和技术为基础的问题。


The Nature of Science provides an opportunity for young people in schools to develop further insights into the world of science not only in the present but by looking at the development of scientific ideas in the past and how they influence our thinking today. The Nature of Science enhances the learning of science content, to extend the understanding of science, interest in science and also the nature of science knowledge to improve the knowledge of decision making.The insight of nature of science is stated to be an important part of scientific literacy (Abd-El-Khalick & Lederman, 2000). In addition, Driver, Leach, Millar, and Scott (1996) provided some arguments on why the development of appropriate knowledge of the NOS was essential in science education. The knowledge of the NOS is necessary for better understanding of science and manages the use of technology in daily life, analyse the informed decision making on scientific issues, appreciation of science as a part of present age culture and recognition of the influence of scientific norms on moral commitments increases the demands of understanding of the NOS. Lastly it is claimed that it facilitates to create a better science subject learning. In the same vein, Ryder Leach, and Driver (1999) stated that appropriate understanding of nature of scientific knowledge affects development of students’ scientific concepts and leads to more informed student decisions related with science, society and technology based issues.


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