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Nations in other parts of the world have always classified Latin American countries as developing countries and this is due to low levels of education and poverty present in Latin America. Each year, international exams such as the PISA show that Latin American countries are below the international average in education. (Pisa results in focus, 2012). For a country, it depending on others and become a productive power and leader in knowledge, it is necessary that education be taken more into account by Latin American governments, who should invest more in this field. In addition to the investments in infrastructure that governments can make must they invested in the greatest productive force of all that is the strength of people. Governments must invest in the education of people so that they can overcome themselves and not depend on the charity of others. Latin American education quality can be improved by investing in the following three key points of education: teacher training, the use of new technology and the promotion of student´s interest in innovation and creativity .”Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” (Quotes about Education, n.d.). The teachers of any educational institution in the world are fundamental for the process of teaching young learners to be effective, teachers are the guides of their students because they are the ones who bring new knowledge to their students and arouse interest of their students in some future profession, teachers are forming the future of society; That is why it is necessary for teachers to be able to teach correctly, that is to say that their students take ownership of the knowledge with the help of the teacher, then good education would be achieved with educational training of teachers with periodic tests and agreements with international universities that improve the education of teachers.


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