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根据哈南和huwail(2008)。聪明的学校评估的好处是教师,学生和家长将能够访问在线评估项目。这将导致越来越多的生活认证,这不仅证明学生积累的成就,但也将继续开放的基础上持续改善。新的教学策略需要教学材料设计,可容纳学生不同的需要和能力。它将引导学生承担更大的责任,管理有效时,主要的目的是相关的资源和过程,需要支持的教学学习功能。聪明的学校管理也需要强有力的、专业的行政和教师可以清晰的办学目标明确,使学校的教学,并引起强烈的家长和社区的支持来实现它的目的。最后,聪明的学校教育系统符合在美国开车到马来西亚完成公司在2020的支持是很重要的。同时,那些在智力上、精神上、情感上和身体上的平衡与和谐可以产生(哈南和huwail 2008)。


According to Hanan and Huwail (2008). The benefit of Smart School assessment is teacher; student and parents will be able to access on-line assessment items. It will causes increasing of living certification, which not only attest to student cumulative accomplishments but will also be open to continued improvement on a lifetime basis. The new teaching strategies will need teaching-learning materials designed that will accommodate student differing need and abilities .it is will lead students to take greater responsibility for managing efficiently and effectively when the primary objective were correlation with the resource and process that required to support the teaching -learning function. The smart School management will need strong, professional administrative and teachers who can articulate school goals clearly, led teaching at the school, and elicit strong parental and community support to fulfill its objective.Finally, Smart School is important in education system in line with and in support of the nation drive to fulfill vision 2020 in Malaysia .At the same time , the individuals who are intellectually ,spiritually, emotionally and physically balanced and harmonious can be well produce(Hanan and Huwail 2008).


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