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体育课应与性别无关。标题9早在1972所中学体育教学计划的操作系统下的男女同校的成立。这个是什么意思?这实质上要求女孩和男孩在同一环境下一起学习。这样,就不顾孩子的身体能力.批评的标题9条款与他们的支持者尖锐的冲突认为,身体残疾的儿童应给予特殊待遇,并作出学习和参与不同的环境。这背后的主要原因是:这些孩子通常比正常的同龄人学习慢。 因此,本文将探讨混合性别的中学体育教育,并提出更好的方法来克服这种方案所带来的挑战。本文将进一步探讨性别平等在特殊需要儿童中学学习环境中所带来的问题。


Physical education classes should be conducted jointly regardless of gender. The inception of Title 9 way back in 1972 required that secondary school physical education programs operate under the coeducational system. What does this mean? This in essence meant that girls and boys were required to learn together under the same environment. As such, it was regardless of the child  physical abilities. Critics of the Title 9 provisions sharply conflict with their proponents arguing that children with physical disabilities should be given special treatment and made to learn and participate in different environments. The main reason behind this being; these children are often slow in learning than their peers who are normal.This paper will therefore explore the mixed-gender physical education in secondary schools and suggest better ways of overcoming the challenges posed by this kind of programs. The paper will further explore problems that gender equality brings into the secondary school learning environment among the special needs children.


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