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米切尔和欧诺瑞2008年提出了一个锥体系统成功实施的电子学习项目。金字塔的基础,成功的电子学习项目的基础形式,由适当的、可访问的技术和使用,刺激和互动设计。金字塔顶端的是由人参与的项目和他们的态度和动机的主要构成部分成功的学习方法。基本的计算机技能是必不可少的电子学习的成功。有一个假设当前的大学生有必要的计算技巧。Kiran et al 2004显示,本科生是变量之间的计算机技能和一个不能认为专业知识或者能力。良好的技术支持包括经过几个小时的支持至关重要。有效的学习,学生应该能够访问材料迅速在校园和在家里。缓慢的连接可能是一个问题。有相当大的成本在制定一个学习计划。所有练习临床医生在英国有义务参加继续医学教育项目维护知识和技能作为评估的一部分,重新生效(医疗委员会)。在线学习提供了良好的机遇。我已经完成了许多在线电子学习课程。这些课程包括最小成本的优势,没有旅行成本和没有必要花时间去参加这些课程,因为他们可以在家里完成。他们提供卓越的价值和质量的这些课程与传统课程。


Mitchell and Honore 2008 proposed a pyramidal system for successful implementation of e-learning programmes. The base of the pyramid, which forms the foundation for successful e-learning programme, consists of appropriate, accessible technology and usable, stimulating and interactive design. The apex of the pyramid is represented by the individuals who are involved in the programme and their attitude and motivation forms a major part in the success of e-learning methods. Basic computing skills are essential for the success of e-learning. There is an assumption that the current undergraduates have the necessary computing skills. Kiran et al 2004 has shown that computing skills among undergraduates are variable and one can not assume expertise or even ability. Good technical support is essential including ‘after hours’ support. For effective e-learning, student should be able to access material quickly both on campus and at home. Slow connectivity can be a problem. There is considerable cost involved in setting an e-learning programme.All practicing clinicians in the United Kingdom are obliged to attend Continuing Medical Education programmes to maintain knowledge and skills as a part of appraisal and revalidation (The General Medical Council). E-learning offers excellent opportunities in this area. I have completed many online e-learning courses. Advantages of these courses include minimal cost, no travel cost and there is no need to take time off to attend these courses as they can be completed from home. They offer excellent value for money and the quality of these courses are comparable to that off traditional courses.


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