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Seevic College (2010) specifies some of the boundaries within the sector, but in addition provides a safeguarding handbook which specifies certain boundaries. The teacher if she is told something personal from a student that could harmful to their wellbeing, then the details need to be passed onto the ‘Safeguarding Children Team’. The teacher needs to avoid asking any questions to what has been relayed by the student. A times the teacher may give an opinion but she/he must not use their position to force her/his beliefs onto the students. A teacher should be approachable and friendly with her/his students, but the teacher needs to remember that she is an adult with a role of responsibility and therefore needs to remain as their teacher not part of the students clan.In addition the teacher needs to have another member of staff with them when interviewing or seeing one student where privacy is needed then an open door is a favourable option. If you know a student and have squash or some other activity then it is imperative that the Safeguard team are aware of the connection. Furthermore should a student be stranded a need a lift then the teacher must not oblige but notify the appropriate departments. Lastly never have any communication with a student with your own personal resources, the teacher must communicate only through college resources.


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