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Ramifications of racial profiling in society are great with little to no benefits attached to the process. Daniel felt targeted even though he did not do something wrong. This has been a major issue especially to the African American society to in the US as the police view the male between age demographic of 15-45 as a threat and this preconceived bias puts both the policeman and the suspect at risk. A routine traffic stop may turn violent or even lead to fatalities if the police officer wrongly assesses the situation at hand. By perceiving the individual as a threat, the police officer may feel justified to use appropriate force to nullify the threat and any sudden movement on the part of the suspect may lead to an unwarranted assault, shooting or death.Racial profiling is an immoral method suspect identification and should be rooted out from the enforcement. The Kantian theory is more acceptable to my reasoning since the end should not always justify the means. Racial discrimination has led to entire communities living in fear. They do not feel safe walking out of their houses not because of the crime rate but because of the police the people who are tasked with keeping them safe. Even though people should be sympathetic to the immense task that the police force have of ensuring safety and security, proper procedures should be implemented in the carrying out of their duties.


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