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Manners are an important principle in society. This is because using manners shows that people are considerate and aware of the other people around them (“Important”). In a society where mannerly actions are the status quo, people work together, argue less and more rational decisions are made. This is especially true in the workplace. People working together increases productivity and when people argue less, the number of disputes falls. This makes the workplace more orderly and more productive. Thus, manners in the workplace cause progress to be made. In modern society, manners have been abandoned and rudeness is elevated upon the highest pedestal. Some have even called rudeness and incivility the zeitgeist of modern times (Weston). From outspoken political pundits to the bigoted Westboro Baptist Church, rudeness is in bloom. People flip each other off in traffic, honk their horns at each other, and ride each other’s bumper because they do not approve of how the other person is driving. How rude? What about that angry customer that just threw a fit in front of God and everybody? The point to be made is this: Society is more ill-mannered now, than any other period in modern history.

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