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Once people get the Dental hygiene baccalaureate degree, they are still moving on and get higher educating and experiences. We will never stop. Personal satisfaction, additional knowledge, increasing career opportunities, status of a degree, and access to graduate education is primary motivators for undertaking additional dental hygiene education. As what Murray says “the elite is already smart. It needs to be wise (109).” People who can get the dental hygiene baccalaureate degree are already an accomplishment because it requires an intense studying, and you need to be one of those top score students in order to get in. Taking those complicated classes is a big challenge and passing them with a good grade is another big oracle. However, as people are moving on everyday; they do not just stop where they wanted to be, instead, they go even further. There are many positions higher than dental hygienist, and they require you to study more and have more experiences. “Studies can never stop” says by some Chinese poem; it’s so true; there is endless knowledge in the world, which would be able to know everything? You can also say that human beings are greedy, and they will never be satisfied as what they are having now; who do not want more money? Same theory as Dental hygienists, they get to one point. They move to the next. There are always something better if you keep working on it; there are always something new and interesting if you keep waling forward. People who want to be in this field, they need to know there’s no end of knowledge but move on! As Murray states” to prepare an elite to do its duty (113).” Do not simply think that being a dental hygienist is the end of your goal; it might be the beginning of your life!


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