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This lab was to understand how diffusion and osmosis worked. The data that was received was consistent at some times. For part A and D of the lab, the results and calculations were consistent, but part B and C showed little consistency. That is because part B and C when comparing the percent change in mass with others, the numbers varied. The difference of the mass was changed, for it maybe misleading, into percentage, there eliminating any size factor and to compare the results. Though when comparing the percents with one another, some of the difference was too great to receive any accurate data. Some possibilities that may have altered the outcome of the results include the ends of the dialysis bags not being tied correctly, the inaccuracy of pouring the solutions, not a thorough cleaning of the outside of the dialysis bag and incorrect calculation and measurements. This lab can be modified to get a more consistent data by wearing gloves when working with the solutions, so when one is done pouring and tying the dialysis bag, gloves can be removed to reduce any chance of the solution being on the outside of the bag. A more accurate and precise measurement of the solution and the tightness and method of tying the ends of the bags can be arranged to be the same. With those alterations to the lab, the chance of a more consistent data is higher.


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