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微观环境:对企业进行SWOT分析,评估认为优势是企业作为英国遗产的代表性,而企业的成员船是一些著名和知名的博物馆船。企业的劣势在于对英国旅游业的依赖,直接影响了企业的绩效。伦敦船舶公司缺乏适应电子商务网站等技术创新的能力。电子商务网站可以通过提供企业提供的产品和服务的信息、知识,促进企业增加销售和收入。此外,电子商务的商业基础设施也可以为国际游客提供在线预订,这也是公司错失的机会。第三,主要的弱点是公司的网站缺乏竞争力,在提供信息和业务与客户和利益相关者的互动方面远远落后。摆在企业面前的机遇是通过扩大和加强电子营销和在线呈现来利用这些投资。其次,随着英国经济预期的改善,预计也会影响工业发展,从而对企业增长产生积极影响。企业面临的威胁主要表现在英国旅游业的竞争,英国旅游业具有吸引新市场进入者的潜力,这些新市场进入者渴望通过与现有企业结成联盟来抓住机遇,提高市场份额。其次,酒店、租车服务商等其他业务关联企业也可以通过与竞争对手的战略联盟来威胁公司。宏观环境:英国旅游业受到当前经济动荡的影响。因此,旅游者的经营者一直受到人们的密切关注,这些经营者是否有效地提供了物有所值的服务。自过去9年以来,英国的游客数量一直在下降(Mintel Oxygen, 2009)。因此,旅游业由于发展缓慢,营业收入较低,缺乏有能力和技能的人才,在吸引游客方面面临挑战。


Micro environment: Carrying out the SWOT analysis of the enterprise, it has been assessed that the strengths are representation of the company as the heritage of the UK whereas the member vessels of the enterprise are some of the famous and well known museum ships. The weaknesses of the enterprise are its dependency on the tourism industry of the UK which had directly affected the performance of the enterprise. London’s Ships lacks in adapting to the technological innovation such as e- commerce website that can facilitate the business in increasing its sales and revenues through providing information, knowledge regarding the offered products and services by the enterprise. Additionally an e- commerce business infrastructure can also provide the international tourists to do online booking, which also is the missed opportunity by the company. Thirdly the major weakness has been observed as the uncompetitive website of the company which lags far behind in providing information and interaction of the business with its customers and stakeholders. The opportunities that lie ahead of the business are to take advantage of the investments by means of expanding and enhancing the e- marketing and online presence. Secondly with improvements that are expected in the UK economy are also expected to influence the industrial development, hence laying positive impacts on the business growth. The threats to the enterprise are seen in the form of competitive tourism industry of the UK which has the potential of attracting new market entrants who are eager to snatch the opportunities through forming associations with existing companies and increasing their market share. Secondly the other business affiliates such as hotels, car rental service providers etc can also threaten the company through making strategic alliances with the competitors.Macro environment: the tourism industry of the UK had got affected by the existing economic turbulence. Therefore the tourists’ operators have been under constant scrutiny that whether or not these operators effectively furnish the value for money. The number of tourists visiting the UK has been declined since last nine years (Mintel Oxygen, 2009). Therefore the tourism industry is facing challenges in terms of attracting the tourists due to slow development, lower business revenues and scarcity of competent and skilled people.


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