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集团总部和主要制造工厂设在新西兰奥克兰,并在全国范围内负责销售和营销、质量、人力资源、财务、分销和管理。新西兰在Tauranga、Hamilton、Palmerston North、Wellington和Christchurch设有区域销售办事处,在南岛的Kaiapoi设有饮料厂。果糖100%由达能集团拥有,该集团是全球领先的饼干、乳制品和饮料公司之一。但2008年10月,该公司被日本三得利(Suntory)从其前东家达能(Danone)手中收购。果糖的产品范围包括Mizone运动水、V能量饮料、GForce果汁饮料、依云矿泉水、h2go矿泉水等。Mizone、V和GForce由果味饮料新西兰有限公司在新西兰生产,并进口到澳大利亚。依云矿泉水在法国生产,并进口到澳大利亚。h2go纯净水品牌由澳大利亚的第三方灌装公司为果粒进行合同包装。


The Group’s head office and main manufacturing plant is based in Auckland, New Zealand, together with national functions for Sales and Marketing, Quality, Human Resources, Finance, Distribution and Administration. New Zealand has regional Sales offices in Tauranga, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington and Christchurch and a water bottling plant in Kaiapoi, South Island.Frucor is 100% owned by Groupe Danone, one of the world’s leading Biscuit, Dairy and Drink companies. But its been Acquired by Suntory of Japan in October 2008 from its previous owner Danone.Frucor’s product range includes Mizone sports water, V energy drink, GForce fruit drink, Evian mineral water and h2go spring water. Mizone, V, and GForce are manufactured in New Zealand, by Frucor Beverages New Zealand Limited and imported to Australia. Evian mineral water is manufactured in France and imported to Australia. The h2go pure spring water brand is contract-packed for Frucor by a third-party filling operation in Australia.


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