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营销组合策略将涉及营销的关键组成部分:产品、价格、地点和促销。首先是产品,包括包装、标签、产品性能或服务支持。太阳能热泵有几个优点;配合协同的大型压缩机,快速高效,回收速度快,热水供应速度快;易于使用和安装,因为不需要太阳能电池板,并配备了电动助推器,为较冷的气候提供持续的热水供应;对长期节省电费有重要价值;最后,它是环保的,因为它把空气中的热量转化为热水,减少电力使用或化石燃料能源的使用,以及与之相关的污染和温室气体排放。这与澳大利亚各州政府禁止在新建住宅中使用电热水系统的努力相一致。其次,太阳能热泵的配送地点将通过哈维•诺曼(Harvey Norman)和迪克•史密斯(Dick Smith)等零售连锁店。这被称为一级分销渠道,分销活动将从制造商转移到零售商,然后转移到消费者。例如,哈维·诺曼(Harvey Norman,中介公司)具有积极的零售形象,可以帮助建立消费者对产品的信任。除此之外,Solahart(制造商)可以通过给予中间商更高的利润等激励措施,通过渠道强迫商品,从而促进产品的销售。这就是所谓的推动策略。中介机构将负责产品服务和广告宣传工作。他们也可能帮助消费者根据政府的可再生计划购买太阳能热泵索赔。


The marketing mix strategy will relate to the key components of marketing: product, price, place and promotion. First is the product, encompassing packaging, labelling, product performance or service support. The solar heat pump has several advantages; it is fast and efficient with synergy’s large compressor that gives quicker recovery, providing hot water faster; easy to use and installation as no solar panel is needed and is equipped with an electric booster to provide a continuous supply of hot water for the cooler climates; valuable in saving electricity bill in the long-run; and lastly environmental friendly as it converts heat from the air to deliver hot water, reducing electricity usage or fossil fuel energy use and the pollution and greenhouse gas emissions associated. This is in line with the efforts of State Governments across Australia in banning the use of electric hot water systems in new homes.Second, the place to distribute the solar heat pump will be through retail chain such as Harvey Norman and Dick Smith. This is known as one level distribution channel , where the distribution activities will move from manufacturer to retailer then to consumer. For example, Harvey Norman (intermediary) with a positive retail image could help build consumer trust in a product. Besides that, Solahart (manufacturer) could force goods through channels by giving intermediaries incentives such as higher margin to boost the sales of product. This is known as Push Strategies. Intermediaries will be in charge of product service and advertisement efforts. They may also help consumers with claims under the government’s renewable scheme for the purchase of solar heat pump.


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