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I believe that throughout this year my communication skills, business ideas and protocols were developed and strengthened. My experience was gained in working in a team based culture. This was like in a business organisation which involved planning, commitment, organisation and flexibility to achieve results. Firstly I disbelieved about the module importance to my degree course and was not exactly fascinated about working as part of a team. However I was wrong after the first couple of weeks I got to know my team members much more. I often wonder if I hadn’t taken the module, I would have passed the opportunity of meeting and making five new strong friends.Some issues which I had were to stick up for others whenever there was an argument going to form as I thought it would be better to sort it out by talking not arguing. As I started to develop my strength and ability to issue clear and concise instruction in a considerate manner during meetings and understanding our business I believed we could become a successful business.


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