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约克郡有大量的硬币,这些硬币在当时的早期就被发现了,这反映了维京约克和都柏林之间的紧密的政治联系。从c.925-c储备。975是由切斯特的盎格鲁-撒克逊铸币主导的,这反映了都柏林和切斯特之间的贸易路线的重要性。后c。来自切斯特的硬币数量和来自西部国家的硬币数量的增加表明了都柏林对布里斯托贸易路线的重要性。在10世纪的头几十年里,都柏林的重建和其他维京城镇的发展见证了从金块逐渐过渡到经济使用的过程。以前的硬币常常是熔化的,现在它们开始被保留,因为在贸易中硬币的使用增加了,这最终会导致在都柏林c – 977的第一个爱尔兰-挪威币的铸造。都柏林郡路易斯县路易斯和克伦达金县的邓达尔克(Dundalk)、劳斯郡(Louth)和克伦达尔金(Clondalkin)等地最早出现了冬眠的硬币,它们在c .997- 1000附近沉积。然而,在千年维京时代末期,银制的收藏几乎没有收藏任何东西,只有硬币除外.


There were a large number of coins minted in York found in hoards dating to the early part of the period and this reflects close political links between Viking York and Dublin. Hoards from c.925-c.975 are dominated by Anglo-Saxon coins minted in Chester which reflects the importance of the trade route between Dublin and Chester. After c.975 the number of coins from Chester decline and the number of coins from the West country rises which show the growing importance of the Dublin to/from Bristol trade route. The re-establishment of Dublin and the growth of other Viking towns during the first decades of the 10th century saw a gradual transition from bullion towards coin usage in economy. Whereas previously coins were often melted, now they began to be retained as familiarity for coin usage in trade increased which would finally lead to the minting of the first Hiberno-Norse coins in Dublin c- 977. The earliest hoards of Hiberno-Norse coins from Dundalk, County Louth and Clondalkin, County Dublin were deposited around c.997-1000. The practise of hoarding continued, however by the end of the millennium Viking age silver hoards contained rarely anything except coins


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