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她生活中的音乐一直在萌芽。音乐家喜欢Bee Gees没有她生活中的一个很大的影响,她被其他的音乐家,是那段时间的影响。Bee Gees的存在的证明,通过实例,她的女仆的男朋友是穿衬衫(Bee Gees 37 Satrapi)。Bee Gees是美国流行音乐组。它象征着流行文化。流行文化代表一切非传统的做法,它的动机是违反规则。这表明当时其他青少年被流行音乐所吸引,而作者则喜欢摇滚乐。这使得我们在年轻的时候实现作者的心境。作家生活中的音乐家们在她成长的过程中不断接近作家的生活。基姆怀尔德和迈克尔·杰克逊(131莎塔碧)是那些下走进作者的音乐生活。Kim Wilde是一个流行歌手。她给全世界一系列流行音乐。Marji认为她作为一个鼓舞人心的数字。它是通过在作者看基姆怀尔德的海报,试图复制她的(131来)。作家想和她一样唱歌,像她跳舞,像她一样,简而言之,她是她的偶像。比起其他歌手,Kim Wilde在很大程度上影响了作家。迈克尔·杰克逊,也被称为流行音乐之王,也给了很多流行歌曲。迈克尔·杰克逊本人提倡打破作者在很大程度上遵循的规则的思想。


The music in her life kept on budding. Musicians like BEE GEES did not had a great impact in her life as she was more influenced by other musicians which were present during that time. The presence of BEE GEES is proved through instance where her maid’s boyfriend is seen to be wearing BEE GEES shirt (37 Satrapi). BEE GEES were an American pop music group. It symbolized the pop culture. Pop culture stands for all the unconventional practises and it motive is to go against the rules. This shows that at that time other teens were attracted to pop music whereas the writer had a liking for rock music. This makes us realize the state of mind of the writer at a young age. The musicians in writer’s life kept on approaching writer’s life as she grew up. KIM WILDE and MICHAEL JACKSON (131 Satrapi) were the ones who next came into the author’s music life. Kim Wilde was a pop singer. She gave the world a series of pop music. Marji considered her as an inspiring figure. It is shown through when the writer looks at KIM WILDE’S poster and trying to replicate her (131 Satrapi). The writer wanted to sing like her, dance like her, look like her in short she was an idol to her. Kim Wilde influenced the writer to the most extent more than any other singers. Michael Jackson also known as the king of pop also has given a great number of pop hits. Michael Jackson himself promotes the idea of breaking the rules which the writer followed to a great extent.


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