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自闭症儿童的身体环境难以应付,主要是由于感觉困难和中心连贯性问题。(快乐é,F,和弗里斯,2006。)。这是重要的沟通障碍的儿童,以确保现实的调整,以尽可能多的障碍,以尽可能多的学习,“几乎任何其他特殊的需要,教室只成为禁用时,要求执行一个给定的任务。自闭症儿童,残疾在门口开始,Hanbury(2007)。环境应尽可能的整洁和杂乱,以减少焦虑和混乱的程度。结构和一致性可以减轻压力,在某些情况下具有挑战性的行为。”困难或挑战的行为是不是一种自闭症谱系障碍的一部分,但它是一种常见的反应学生的这些障碍,面对混乱的世界和有限的能力来传达他们的挫折或控制其他人。”(Jordan &琼斯1998)。个别阶级或集团的图表可能需要对自闭症谱大多数孩子反应良好的视觉时间表。一个计划对孩子的感觉困难应该是有压力的情况下进行加工的需要账号可以创建具有挑战性的行为(普华2000)。语言已被正确地准备有助于提高孩子的理解和提高他们的词汇量,从而提高他们的社会交往技能和正确的语调或发音问题方案(嚎叫1998)。残疾人的个人行为(思想),提出,自闭症儿童应该接受教育以开放和包容的环境越好。虽然这项立法是必要的,并保护儿童的权利,以最好的教育可能,它可以创造困难的教师。


The physical environment can be difficult to cope with for children with ASD mainly due to sensory difficulties and problems with central coherence. ( Happé, F., & Frith, U. 2006). It is important for children with a communication impairment to ensure that realistic adjustments are made to limit as many obstacles to learning as possible, ‘for almost any other special need, the classroom only becomes disabling when a demand to perform a given task is made. For the child with autism, disability begins at the door.’ Hanbury (2007). The environment should be as tidy and free of clutter as possible to reduce the level of anxiety and confusion. Structure and consistancy can reduce stress and in some cases challenging behaviour. “Difficult or challenging behaviour is not a part of an autistic spectrum disorder, but it is a common reaction of pupils with these disorders, faced with a confusing world and with limited abilities to communicate their frustrations or control other people.” (Jordan & Jones 1998).Individual class or group charts may be required as most children on the autistic spectrum respond well to visual timetables. A planned programme taking account of the needs of the child’s sensory and processing difficulties should be undertaken as stressful situations can create challenging behaviour (Waterhouse 2000). Speech and language programmes that have been correctly prepared can help improve a child’s comprehension and increase their vocabulary which in turn will enhance their social communication skills and correct problems with intonation or articulation (Howlin 1998).The Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), proposes that children with ASD should be educated in as open and inclusive an environment as possible. Although this legislation is necessary and does protect a child’s rights to the best education possible, it can create difficulties for teachers.


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