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有不同的ECEC方案迎合儿童特定社区的需求。在发展中国家,母亲可能需要接受教育,照顾他们的孩子。例如,土耳其的母亲儿童教育计划为母亲在儿童健康问题上提供了其他支持。母亲教会照顾他们的孩子和教育孩子的健康母亲的育儿技能以及支持孩子的发展(Annan,2001;贝克曼,2009布拉奇福德和Woodhead,2009引用)。在发达国家的卫生保健更先进的,孩子们可能需要整体发展的支持。在英国,有效的学前教育和小学教育的孩子准备小学(Sylva,2009布拉奇福德和Woodhead,2009引用) 研究表明,更有效的方案包括健康,营养和发展,以及家长和社区参与的各个方面。nimnicht(2009)在布拉奇福德和Woodhead引用(2009)同意干预计划的儿童可能如果他们是来自所有利益相关者如家庭的积极参与是有效的,社区和政府机构。这普若米在哥伦比亚市的情况,使家庭和社区积极参与节目。因此,联合国儿童权利公约可能如果有从管理机构、承诺和积极参与,使不同国际机构、社区和家庭促进儿童权利(Woodhead,2009布拉奇福德和Woodhead,2009引用)。


There are different ECEC programmes to cater to the needs of particular community of children. In developing countries, mothers may need to be educated on taking care of their children. For example, the mother-child education programme in Turkey provides others support for mothers in terms of child health issues. Mothers are taught to take care of their children and educates mothers on child health, parenting skills as well as to support child’s development (Annan, 2001; Bekman, 2009 as cited in Siraj-Blatchford & Woodhead, 2009). In developed countries where health care are more advanced, the children may need support in holistic development. In United Kingdom, the effective pre-school and primary education prepare children for primary schools (Sylva, 2009 as cited in Siraj-Blatchford & Woodhead, 2009)Studies have shown that the more effective programmes include all aspects such as health, nutrition and development as well as parental and community involvement. Nimnicht (2009) as cited in Siraj-Blatchford & Woodhead (2009) concur intervention programme for children may be effective if they is active participation from all the stakeholders such as familes, communities and the governing bodies. This is in the case of PROMESA in Columbia, whereby the families and communities are actively involved in the programmes. As such, UNCRC may make a difference if there are commitment and active participation from governing bodies, international agencies, communities and families to promote child’s right (Woodhead, 2009 as cited in Siraj-Blatchford & Woodhead, 2009).


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