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如果马来西亚的所有大学都已经完成了这个部门的批准,那么学生可以选择我们所拥有的任何一所大学,如果他们的证书没有被认证,并且不能被雇佣,他们就不会害怕。但是,在选择一所合适的大学时,最重要的是什么呢?要回答这个问题,我们必须了解学生对大学的期望。根据我对Yvonne Hill, Laurie Lomas和Janet MacGregor的一项研究的评论,他们指出,在学生感知到的素质教育中有四个期望。它包括讲师的素质、学生与学习的接触、社会或情感支持系统以及图书馆的资源。因此,所有的四种期望都是每一所大学都应该考虑的最重要的事情。这一综述表明,学生对学习技巧和来源的期望更高,他们可以很容易地从大学获得学习。因此,多媒体大学是每个学生期望的一个地方,在很短的时间内,多媒体大学将会在整个校园中普及数字学习系统,电子管理,以及在学校系统中最大限度地实现基于多媒体的功能。因此,这将支持多媒体大学始终为所有学生提供良好的服务。即使是现在,多媒体大学也一直在改进他们的服务,使其变得更好,成为最好的。


If all university in Malaysia had done the process of approval from this particular department, so the student can choose any of the university that we have and not being afraid if their certificate is not certified and they can’t be employed. But what is exactly the main thing that important in choosing a right university? To answer this, we have to know student expectation on the university. According to my review on a research of Yvonne Hill, Laurie Lomas and Janet MacGregor, they states that there is four expectations that emerged in relation to what students perceived quality education to be. It includes quality of the lecturer, student engagement with learning, social or emotional support systems and resources of library and IT. Hence, all four expectations that they had state is the most important thing that every university should consider must have and apply. This review indicates that student expect more on learning technique and sources that they can easily get from university to proceed their study. Therefore, Multimedia University are one of the place that every student expect on, In a very short span of time, Multimedia University approaches the proliferation of digital learning systems, e-governance throughout the twin campuses, and the maximum implementation of multimedia-based features in the school system. Hence, this will support that Multimedia University always provides good services to all of their students. Even nowadays, Multimedia University had always upgrades their services to be better and to be the best among the rest.


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