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儿童应接触各种文本,帮助他们扩大,逐步建立自己的词汇丰富的语言发展。此外,接触印刷材料有助于孩子发展语言和读写的积极态度。它也帮助孩子学习不同的态度和概念,提供个人和语言的收益。儿童写作时必须与其他语言技能同时接触,尽管写作实际上是一个较长而深思熟虑的过程。写作帮助孩子澄清和信任的假设与思维记录感情,也创造了娱乐通过自己的写作。在课堂上,老师必须提供所有帮助和支持,帮助孩子在他的整个写作,特别是当孩子试图写一些新的自己。现实的机会,激发写作必须提供进一步尝试用孩子的语言信心充足的环境。孩子们通过反复试验和实验来学习写作,但写作的方法和目的取决于孩子的年龄。在课堂上孩子们必须参与编写符合写购物单因为一些孩子可能日常活动如是一个完全新的经验的机会,角色扮演等经验必须占如写作课堂的邮局或去银行等帮助很多孩子在功能有意义的方式使用语言。据Jo。温伯格,写作并不只是发生…因为发展在社会文化背景下,不同背景的必然经历不同的写作的孩子。”(引布鲁斯,1997 p.128)。在课堂上,教师必须满足这些差异,并为他们提供个人活动的机会。承认儿童在开始正式教育前建立的紧急素养,必须在参与儿童共同活动的过程中进行,鼓励孩子们在文本中交流和分享他们自己的经历。有不同的方法鼓励写作,主要是通过字母形状,拼音,字母混合或构词法等。


Children should be exposed to a variety of text to help them expand and gradually build their vocabulary to a rich language development. Moreover, exposure to printed material helps a lot the children in developing a positive attitude to language and literacy. It also helps the children to learn different attitudes and concepts which provide personal and language gains. Children must be exposed to the writing simultaneously with other language skills although writing is in fact a longer and more deliberate process. Writing helps the child clarify and confide thinking by hypothesizing and recording feelings while also creates amusement through one’s own writing. In class the teacher must offer all the help and support needed in helping the child throughout in his writing, especially when the child attempts to write something new on his own. Realistic opportunities and adequate environment for stimulating writing must be provided which furthers the child’s confidence in experimenting with language. Children learn writing through trial and error and by experimentation but approach and purpose for writing depends on the child’s age. In class children must be involved in writing which meets everyday activities e.g. in writing the shopping list since for some children this may be a totally new experience thus opportunities for role playing such experiences must be accounted for e.g. writing to the classroom’s post office or going to the bank amongst others help a lot the children to make use of language in a functional meaningful way. According to Jo. Weinburger, “writing does not just happen….since development occurs within a cultural and social context, children from different backgrounds will necessary have different experiences of writing.” (as cited from Bruce, 1997 p.128). In class the teacher must cater for these differences as well as providing them with opportunities for individual activities. Acknowledgement of the emergent literacy which the children builds on before starting formal education must take place while engaging them in shared activities where children are encouraged to speak and share their own experiences in relation to the text. There are different methods for encouraging writing, mainly through; letter shapes, phonics, letter blending or word building amongst others.


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