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Both Dewy and Piaget considered that educators have a role to play both in shaping the student’s experience from the environment, and understanding which surroundings are likely to engender experiences that will lead to growth. Dewey (1916) believed that education’s main function was to develop the reasoning process, and that problems to be studied should be drawn from the learner’s own interests. He viewed it as essential, therefore, that “there be a continuous activity in which he is interested for its own sake” (P.163) and that “…a genuine problem develop within this situation as a stimulus to thought” (Ibid.). In this way, constructivist methods emphasise the development of the learner’s ability to solve real-life problems, and in doing so ‘free-discovery’ and ‘problem-solving’ come together. As a result, knowledge is dynamic and constructed upon the discovery process (Dewey, 1916), and the instructor is viewed as a guide instead of as a director of learning since learning allows for creative interaction rather than being purely outcome-based.


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