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One oft-mentioned reason, and an early consumer motivating factor, for shopping online is the convenience of doing so as consumers won’t need to go to the retail stores and experience the ‘hassle’ of buying products in the stores (NBC News 2007). Another article does not only highlight the convenience of shopping online but also states that shopping only also helps decision-making as a large part of the information requirements a consumer may need to make the decision are found online (Furnham 2007). Clearly, shopping convenience is expected to rank high among the consumers in terms of their motivations for pursuing online shopping. Convenience can take many forms and includes ‘all-hours’ access (i.e. the 24-hour access mentioned previous to this can be considered a subset of this motivating factor), own time and no pressure for decision-making, no requirement to ‘dress up’ and go to the retail stores, and extensive available information, largely on demand, to support the product or service.


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