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Ancient Greece can be found at the tip of Balcan peninsula in Southwestern Europe. It is surrounded by three seas: in the south is the Mediterranean Sea; Ionian Sea in the west; and the Aegean Sea in the east. The Corint Gulf connects the separate region of the Peloponnesus, which is the southern tip of Greece, and Africa (Willis, 1985). The Greek mainland is a peninsula which extends into the Mediterranean Sea. The core of ancient Greece is consisted of mountainous and rugged lands. The Pindus Mountain, which is 8700 feet high, runs down the Middle of the Balkan Peninsula and is considered as the dominant range (Burns, 1958). Greece is a strategic location for empire building because it served as the crossroads between Africa, Asia and Europe. Three geographical features that affected Greece the most included the climate, the mountains and the seas. Ancient Greece’s climate is temperate, making it comfortable to the people to be outside of their homes almost every year. This allowed them to engage in outdoor life within their city-states. They were able to interact with each other which enabled them to organize outdoor activities such as athletic competitions, public gatherings, entertainment and art shows, and meetings, which facilitate to the development of a rich and distinct Greek culture.


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