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技术实施的文献强调教师培训的重要性。大多数研究强调缺乏培训的障碍,积极整合新技术。然而,超过一半的教师参与没有使用交互式白板的正式培训。 节约课程的问题可以参考感知的易用性。这个问题试图理解教师如何适应新技术。教师谁不保存他们的工作还没有意识到这个时间节省的技术固有的价值。这些老师在少数。一个可移动的记忆棒允许教师保存他们的教训,但不分享彼此。这可能是另一个节省时间的机制和经验,增加教师的技术技能。个人网络区域也是如此。这些教师占大多数。三分之二的教师使用记忆棒或个人网络区来保存他们的工作。只有四分之一的教师把他们的工作保存到他们的部门的追索权银行,教师可以轻松地分享他们的工作与对方。


The literature on technology implementation stresses the importance of teacher training. Most research emphasizes the lack of training as a barrier to positive integration of new technology. Yet more than half of the teachers participating have had no formal training in the use of an Interactive Whiteboard.The issue of saving lessons can refer to perceived ease of usage. The question attempts to understand how teachers are adapting to the new technology. Teachers who do not save their work haven’t yet realized this time saving value inherent in technology. These teachers are in the minority. A removable memory stick allows teachers to save their lessons but not to share with one another. This could be another time saving mechanism and an experience that increases teacher technology skill. The same is true of a personal network area. These teachers are in the majority. A full two-thirds of the teachers use a memory stick or a personal network area to save their work. Only one-forth of the teachers are saving their work to their department’s recourse bank where teachers could easily share their work with each other.


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