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The Lord of the virtuous and chastity, to be protected Mr B.’s bad ambitions remains on the very difficult conditions. In the novel, Mr B. is presented as an unvirtuous person. Although what Mr B. does Pamela does not run away from him. So it is understood that Pamela is honest and virtuous.The efforts of Mr B. obtaining Pamela or vice versa, For example, Mr B’s raids to Pamela’s room giving some gifts to Pamela this brings big threat for Pamela. But she does not run away from him and when he does something to her, she does herself like to be fainted. However if she wanted to protect her virtues, she could runs away but she did not. Because Pamela also considers her benefits. This novel shows us what we can learn as moral from positive or negative acts. Pamela was a perfect example of virtue. But nobody sees really honest and virtuous girl at present. In our age she is not a pure angel like supporting by Richardson. Pamela is a cunning girl who provokes his master conscious or unconscious. If she is really virtuous girl, she left the house immediately. She only use to cry when Mr B. does here something. And also because of she was scaring she lies others about her feelings. “I was not in a fit, and yet not myself, and I found myself in his arms quite void of strength and he is kissing me” These sentences show Pamela as unvirtuous. Moreover he kidnaps and threats and he does to utmost of him to get her. But Mr B. did not succeed. He knows Pamela better she is named as little hypocrite. He thinks Pamela who considers always her benefits and acts according to them. He is right. Pamela acts like cunning but maybe she does not do it consciously. Because she loves Mr B. and want to marry with him.


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