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Everyone could become in creativity people if they learn by themselves. Many people in the world are autodidact people because they like o learn by their own methodology. This is an excellent way to became in a creativity people because you find out or sometimes you create your ways to make easily studies. A big example could be scientist because they are always looking for new things, so what they need is a lot of creativity and innovative ideas to get what they want. However, people says that scientist are not creativity people because they use statistics and data, so for the people this is not creative is just like a lot of information (Ossola, 2014). The main idea is to add the option for  students that can interact with their environment to understand better and increase their creativity. For example, if students are learning about the nature, they should go outside to the forest and they will be able to learn how everything works in the environment, and also this is an interesting and funny way to learn because is not boring and you will be entertaining. Moreover, you can find another advantage about learn interacting with the environment because when you are outside you will found many information just looking, you don’t need search it on the internet or books, is an easily way to obtain real and good information about something.


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